About us

Since its inception, PAXGlobalMedia Inc. (Logimonde Media) has been the go-to resource for travel professionals in Canada.

Founded in 1992, PAXGlobalMedia has since launched three websites and three sites -, and Combined, these provide unparalleled coverage of the industry by keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry trends, travel deals, loyalty programs, webinars, contests, promotions, appointments and career activities while offering in-depth profiles and interviews from key figures in the Canadian travel trade.

Inside the pages of any given PAX magazine, you will find everything that is relevant to trade professionals: from the latest travel-related news to an exclusive interview with a major influencer or an awe-inspiring feature taking you straight to a destination through riveting text and imagery.

PAXGlobalMedia is the only travel trade media company whose online subscriber lists have been audited by the national accounting firm Deloitte LLP.

Need access to fast and affordable digital services? paxglobalmedia also offers the QuickPresse email service, event management services, webinars, and exceptional video production services for your convenience.

The Team

Uguette Chiasson
Uguette Chiasson
President & CEO
(450) 689-5060 ext. 226

Nancy Benetton-Sampath
Nancy Benetton-Sampath
Vice-President Media
(416) 581-1001 ext. 304

Marie-Eve Vallières
Marie-Eve Vallières
National Editor-in-Chief
(450) 689-5060 ext. 227

Michael Pihach
Michael Pihach
Managing Editor - English Canada

Blake Wolfe
Blake Wolfe
Associate Editor
(416) 581-1001 ext. 301

Christine Hogg
Christine Hogg
Associate Digital Editor
(416) 581-1001 ext. 302

Serge Abel-Normandin
Serge Abel-Normandin
(514) 378-7484

Antoine Stab
Antoine Stab
(450) 689-5060 ext. 229

Maxime Delisle
Maxime Delisle
Senior Web developer
(450) 689-5060 ext. 224

Alexandre Foisy
Alexandre Foisy
Graphic Designer & Web Integrator
(450) 689-5060 ext. 225

France Shaffer
France Shaffer
Graphic Designer
(450) 689-5060 ext. 223

Nathalie Manouvrier
Nathalie Manouvrier
Distribution Coordinator
(450) 689-5060 ext. 221

Hortense des Dorides
Hortense des Dorides

Ming Tappin
Ming Tappin

Renee Tsang
Renee Tsang

Denis Méthot
Denis Méthot

Anne Pélouas
Anne Pélouas

Our History

The following is a chronological listing of the major developments within PAXGlobalMedia over the years.
Date Highlights

The ABC du voyage becomes the Agenda Allo Voyage


​Launch of the website:


​Expansion of the fax & e-mail business throughout Canada


​Launch of a fax & e-mail company based in Quebec, and of the Allo Voyage magazine


​Publication of a third book: Le Voyageur (The Traveller)


Publication of a second book: Répertoire des destinations Soleil (A directory of Sun destinations)


Creation of Logimonde Inc. with publication of the technical guide: ABC du voyage (The ABC of travel)