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PAX Global Media is an industry leader in the Canadian travel trade industry. Our three daily websites,,, and feature all of the latest news, and event coverage to keep our travel agent community and partners informed.

Subscribers get exclusive access to special promotions, travel deals, exclusive savings from our travel partners, and more.
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Launched in May 2014, PAX magazine is an elevated approach to PAX Global Media’s three successful websites and daily digital newsletters.

Printed 10 times per year in both English and French, each issue provides an in-depth look at the personalities, trends and technology shaping the landscape of the Canadian travel industry.

PAX magazine is available in both print and online, where travel professionals can access a free copy of the magazine in a convenient PDF format.

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Travel Jobs Platform

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Canada’s first international platform for travel and tourism jobs

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Looking for a job in the travel and tourism industry? Looking to hire the perfect candidate? Whether you’re a job-seeker or a recruiter, PAX Travel Jobs makes filling a role in the Canadian travel and tourism sector easy.

PAX Travel Jobs is the latest and most modern online bilingual job platform in Canada’s travel industry. Simple, efficient, and technologically advanced, this innovative platform offers a direct link between employer and employee.

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E-mail Marketing

The best way to connect with Canada’s industry professionals

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Better than your average email marketing system, Quick Presse by PAX Global Media is a unique and innovative way to get your email message out, fast!

With a few simple clicks, Quick Presse lets travel agents to receive advertisements from suppliers directly into their inbox. Suppliers can also use the platform to promote new products, special offers, and new services so that travel agents stay ahead of the game.

Following the creation of a user profile, once a user assembles their e-message, our Quick Presse system can process the order in minutes. No long wait times means your most important information is sent quickly and efficiently to those you want to see it.

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Photo Library

Welcome to PAX Travel Photos, an online stock photo database filled with images we’ve taken at events and FAM trips, both here in Toronto and around the world. Looking for something in particular? Simply enter your keyword search in the tool bar, find the image you’d like, and select the option to download.

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